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Tuesday 10 March 2015 :: I see no reason mysticism shouldn't be rational. This morning I awoke to a (Vision) I'm still under water, and see underneath the great wall a tunnel, not even a small tunnel, and all I have to do is swim a little lower and follow some kind of light straight through. (Fin) Waking up, I sense a deep, deep connection running down the front of my abdomen, from about an inch below the skin over my solar plexus down some unseen passageway straight down to the root of my genitals, just below my pubies. A few hours later, walking down the street I see the connection this has with the rest of my newly awakening alternate self, going straight up and around my back, across the yoke of my neck, left to right, to a point directly between my eyes and into my optic nerve. Well, that's not so bad! A new home. My throat's in there somewhere. I've figured that out. Just a tickle.

Like to see the kind of writing I like to do? :: I have her down at the shore with nothing but Liberty Bell bikini bottoms. After a few drinks (making sure everyone's seen the crack,) they're peeling away. "Don't wear any underpants at all to go with your salad," I'd told her. That's what "lick her!" will do for you. :: Someone has compared this to Proust, for some reason, with a lot more at either tippedshoebox.com or woowoocanoe.com. It's more, more, more!


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