jruit :: 22



(Dream) I'm hiding out in the guest room at our house in St. Louis. My sisters are with some of my friends in another room and I'm lying low. Naked is the watchword. This hideout is perfect, so perfect, in fact, I decide I can get away with taking a shower in here. Just so my pistols are somewhere handy. All clothesless are we? I march straight out into the midst of them and find myself near a track of some kind, a field track which seems to possess a property of timelessness. There's a line of people walking along the track, sweeping their way forward into this timelessness which only I seem to be able to see and understand. The track widens, and almost my magic ... no, actually by magic the line of people floats out and instantly broadens the width of their sweep by two, simply by multiplying their number from around eight people to sixteen people. What I can't get over as they walk by is that they're marching straight along into ... timelessness. (Fin)


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