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If there is an overarching philosophy of telepaths, it could easily by summarized by staying hidden, being completely true to yourself, and perceiving beauty, both inside and out. "Such a moment," says my friend Genevieve, "deserves a poem." Children, if they are honest, know everyone is a telepath. The secret doorway into this world is in the lower (but not too low!) abdomen. Why many people don't know about this doorway is that it is hidden behind a labyrinthine wall of pain and correct grammar. Children, to state the obvious, haven't had enough time to construct such a wall. Ripening into their teens, they sometimes have a glimpse of true wonder and awe, into a carefree and honest past, in which, paradoxically, they were already quite powerful adults. The great secret is that now they can build a church or temple inside themselves where their being can reside. What a person has inside themselves already provides quite enough to do this, to go beyond meditation into the contemplation of forbidden ideas. And why not? Meditation is such crap! And what are the walls of this labyrinth of pain composed of? Think about it. What kind of impressions would a person need to understand this tough-as-plastic inner material, embedded with family values, attitudes and beliefs? Fresh ones! And what on Earth, over Venus, under Mars (from the point-of-view of a child) ... could possibly be hidden ... underneath the wall? Extramarital silhouettes?


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