jruit :: 21



(Dream) Someone is placing bundles of green fronds around my crib, all the way around to the side, where one of the bundles covers up my iPad. I wake slightly at the appearance of a dark form approaching my bed, while I'm sleeping, and decide the best thing to do is call out in a firm voice, "Who is it that's there?" and instead actually hear my voice say out loud, "Eh-h-h!" as if I was a baby in a crib. (Fin)

(Dream) An assemblage of people from David Daniels' group are having some sort of social event which I've just stumbled into uninvited. Realizing there's a social world out there of which I'm not a part, I retreat to another room and at the grocery store at the fancy mall go in search of the vegetable oil someone at a Japanese restaurant had told me about. It has a reddish color, that's what I remember about it, and a girl behind the deli counter shows me various bottles which have liquids of various colors, though it becomes apparent none of them are really the one I'm looking for. [Ponzu, or something] (Fin)

(Dream) Linda and Patti are here, too, and Patti says, "Marry me!" before she says what's really on her mind, which I lose track of. Outside, I see where David Daniels has been working all this time, which is in a sewer of some kind out in a side yard. You can see his form underneath what's covering the sewer, rising and falling, and rather than leave to go home, I decide I'd much rather go down into the sewer which everyone else has been studiously ignoring and avoiding. There's a shute and I go down it head first and slide out into a room underneath a row of two wicker chairs. Luca, his dog, greets me with, "Hi, Richard!" and before I even have time to marvel that Luca clearly speaks English, I get up and am astonished to find myself in a well-crafted log and sheet rock habitat, of elegant architecture, with a full kitchen and rooms, and even a back yard. I realize building a habitat in a sewer is the last thing anyone would expect, and as David begins to show me around, I see there's a window out across a wide open field, a little after dark now, and I tell David people out there might be able to see in. "No, they're too far away," he says, and I get the idea they wouldn't even know what they were looking at even if they saw the lights. David continues with me though the passageway out to a back yard which has power tools and benches and a row of some sort of equipment which I don't really recognize. There are three of the red things, with curving pipes and engines, all clearly of the same manufacture. (Fin)

Waking up, a whisper voice says, "// .. /./ /.. /... /. /./. ... /.. /./ .. /./ ./ /./ ./ .. /. You're on to something, I know, //. ././ /... .// ./. // .//. /... .// /.. /. / /. ./ ./. ./ ..." and I conk out. There are some other things I have to take care of.

(Vision) Two plates of steel are just far enough apart to allow light to be coming up from between them. The plates can't be pried apart, and there's some sort of indirectness about the whole apparatus. (Fin)


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