jruit :: 5



When you're brought up in jruit & you see jruit all around you, you just assume everybody is brought up to see all this beauty stretching out around them. Little girls, growing up with you at school, or in your neighborhood, simply naturally want to take off all their clothes and dance for you. It only makes sense. It's your jruit!

Castles in England, with their tons of rooms & hiding places, make even more sense. The one thing you don't know is that not everybody has been sexually enravished by an adult! You just assume you're a kid just like everybody else! That's what they tell you at school.

And the adults (those who do know!) do everything in their considerable power to encourage you to forget. Which is easy. Jruit lies in the Sea of Forgetfulness!

Little do they know about the horndogs at NBC! They, in particular, don't like children who've been sexually enravished!



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