jruit :: 4



There was this Greenpeace girl the other day who fixated my attention. I'd been waiting for such a blessed event. We exchanged a little blue light from our eyes, letting it go back and forth, then meeting half an hour later, as if by accident … "My name is Grizz," she said.

This time a pool of blue light surrounded us as I gave her my final test, offering her one of my "555" cigarettes, and when that didn't freak her out, went along with her and joined Greenpeace at twenty-five dollars a month. She told me she really "liked my energy" and wanted to hug me. Well, that was easy! I crushed her twenty-year-old body in a bear hug so I could feel her perfect titties tight up against my chest.

Not-to-be-undone, she sniffed me ... like a dog!


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