jruit :: 6



I saw a little girl at the airport the other day, no more than seven years old ... she looked at me ... I looked at her ... I could see ... she could see ... We both knew.

That's how jruit works.

A lot of people might not like it, but we, the especially innocent & malleable ones – WE'RE not the trusted "good old guys" raising kids on this steady diet of jruit! What the hell! – We're the enravished!

Some people purposefully go out and adopt the precious little things, from Russia and all that. "Ready to take your bath, honey?"

And what some people do with little boys too young to even talk is actually beyond belief. It keeps bathtime a relatively innocent footnote in the "You're on your own now, kiddo!" Hall of Fami- no!, Fame! [Hint: To keep a little boy from kicking, you wrap his legs in bed sheets]

Well, after all that, and the rape and all, at least I became jruit!



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