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Notes from a Spiritual School, 570. Finding true happiness with another person happens only twice or three times in a lifetime. This is the time to be dumb — not smart.

581. When you find parts of yourself that are two years old, let them live. Then these parts will grow.

584. Subtle effects on emotions: (1) Recognize depression and realize it is diffuse anger; (2) Recognize anger and step back to a broader perspective; (3) Recognize fear and remember that is what you are looking for (which applies joy as the antidote).

596. The longer you are lonely, the better off you will be. Remember that lean limes follow rich times, so really get into the rich times.

598. People can get along and have intercourse on different levels: intellectual, emotional, or physical. It is rare when two people have intercourse on all three.

599. Rather than sharing an observation with another person, act it out. For instance, don't tell someone you haven't been paying enough attention to them — Pay more attention!


(Dream) Here's a city I've never been in, and when I return to the museum, my friends have taken off again without me. I follow them through the English countryside into a store as big as a football field. There's no finding them in here! There's a fork in the road going back, and a little girl laughs and runs away when I ask her if I came by this way before.

I guess when you marry someone, you soon find out if they use Q-tips to clean their ears. I try to hide behind a column so Whitney won't see what I'm holding.

"I know all your secrets," she says, "and you don't know mine."

I follow her into a restaurant where we both get a job in the kitchen and the adjoining wine closet. I keep following her. Together we sit in the dining room across the table from a slim young couple. For some inexplicable reason, Whitney suddenly kisses the woman sitting across from her in sort of a sudden and violent way. The man she's with doesn't like it, and he claims he's going to tell the manager.

Jesus! I'm glad to escape back to the kitchen. Whitney is too wild! The guy comes back to the kitchen and finds we're the managers! (Fin)


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