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Notes from a Spiritual School, 668. People don't know what they really are — what is really inside them. There are things in a person that are like fool's gold. Imagination, for instance.

671. A person should have a balance between free-floating attention and determined volitional attention.

673. In certain circles, we openly discuss the negative sides — but feel no need to mention what's good. The bad side often has to be brought into the light, whereas the good side is already there.

677. Do you think your money is yours — or your parents' money? And what is credit?

680. The best thing a person can do is to stay in contact with the part of themselves that likes. People often try to scare you or try to get you to separate from that part of yourself, but in the long run, your own warmth towards that part of yourself will be stronger.

681. Then there are the people who chop off your head for saying the wrong thing.

682. On motivations: The story of the inmate of a funny farm gesturing to a stranded motorist outside his window; through the gestures, the motorist learns how to change his tire without loosing his nuts — "I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid."

683. The process of understanding yourself takes time; it is a little like gathering evidence.

684. There's nothing bad in you, but the way you use certain parts of yourself may be very bad.

685. A person knocks himself off by first telling himself he is better than he really is — then coming in to finish the job by saying he is worthless.

686. Are feelings of worthlessness always an indication of hidden feelings of being overvalued? [No.]

687. Waiting for good luck? Preparation is everything.


(Dream) It doesn't really strike me as odd that packing all my things for storage on a cheesy cruise ship, that reminds me more of a ferry, really, is in and of itself the entire adventure. I remember the details of packing, and where everything went, and not the cruise itself!

So now that the cruise is over, and the ship has landed, I have the prospect of unpacking! The first real question is should I skip the scheduled lunch, which has already been pushed back to 3:30 PM, or should I get a head start at unpacking and taking loads away in my BMW?

The lunch I can skip.

However, getting my sportster over to the right pier is a little bit of an adventure. First, I have a little bit of a conflict over using the telephone — an American girl is speaking to someone in Japanese. I volunteer, "U-eh!" meaning, "Up!" indicating a shelf where she can put her things, and don't quite remember how to say the whole sentence, "You can put it up here."

"U-eh!" (Up!) will do.

Then I skid away in my car, and in my efforts to impress some girls, just skid off the train tracks in time to avoid being creamed by the lone-lighted locomotive that has come out of nowhere.

I'm going to skip the damn luncheon (at another cheesy diner, I'm sure) and I drive my car to where the ship is being unloaded.

Well, they surprise me. All my worldly possessions are being assembled just underneath the gangplank, amid rows and rows of other people's things.

These professionals know how to do it better than I do! Although the crew boss (It's Ritchie!) tells me one of the haulers had been a little bit embarrassed by my stack of girlie magazines.

The thought that the editors' choices of cover pictures were actually a reflection on me! (Fin)


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