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Notes from a Spiritual School, 772. If someone is making a countermove to frustrate your every move, don't make any moves at all. Play dead — or have a good life. Read a good book.

773. Formula for getting up in the morning (David Silva): Before you go to sleep, think about two or three things you plan to do the next day — with the same attitude you would take to getting up at 7:00 AM to fuck the most unattainable beautiful woman you have ever met. You'll wake up at 6:00!

774. One rule of humanity is that it's almost impossible for a person to accept more kindness than his parents gave him.

775. A person's attention can come entwined in criticism or in love bombs — so why not simply observation?

776. Sometimes a person cannot stand intimacy because when people are intimate, their wounds rub against each other and can't heal.

777. When you are in a winter of your life, don't think for a moment you have to run out and pretend to do what other people are doing. In winter your wounds can heal.

778. Why would someone have to pretend they were good all the time if they didn't think they were really bad?

780. Many divorces are really "repos" done by the parents.

781. A complicated bonding that takes place on a very deep level sometimes happens between two people.


(Dream) I keep having the same dream, over and over again. It's as if every time I go back to sleep, the dream gives me another chance to remember it.

It's a phony dream. That's what's so funny about it. Everything about the dream is phony. When I go back to sleep again and have the dream for the third time, it even gives me a socket to plug it into: A square socket for a phony dream.

It's a pair of sockets, really, because the other dream is much more real.

I'm in the military, and as I'm being supplied with an official pass for the current exercise, we hear the jet plane coming in.

There's nothing worse than a hotshot pilot — the guy's no better than any of us. When he goes down the street to take off again, I see he's about to make a terrible mistake.

Kevin is walking towards us on the sidewalk, and the goddamn plane is coming toward us from behind him. The trouble is, the airplane wing is about to strike Kevin from behind — Oh, God! There wasn't enough room! Kevin's down! He was whacked in the back, and I can imagine the blood without even seeing it.

Without hesitation I go a different way because I know the people closer to Kevin will help him. My job is to call it in.

My God! Is he all right? We're at a cafe. Is this dream phony, too? (Fin)


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