richard: This is taxi1010 Scenarios, I'm Richard Ames Hart. People learn to brush aside intrusive posturing by ignoring or lying. What does a professional do? jessica: Would you like a dessert menu?


richard: Yes! And a cup of coffee, black. Hey, Jessica, you gorgeous creature, what's your number? jessica: Getting sophisticated. Thirty-two, thirty-eight, forty-six, twenty-six ...


richard: What really kills me is when people ask me the names of my dogs. Nothing good ever comes of it. What are they going to do, call them? jessica: What do you say? richard: Next time!


jessica: Four hundred thirty-three, eight hundred thirty-two, seventy-nine, fifty! richard: You're quite a peachy number, babe!


jessica: So foolish. Twenty-eight, eight!


richard: You can find more about not giving your name and number to every Tom, Dick and Harry at taxi1010 stargate11 and stargate77. Wait a minute! Did you say, "3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288?"


jessica: Apple or banana?


richard: You are listening to taxi1010 Scenarios!

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