richard: I'm Richard Ames Hart. jessica: Well I'm Jessica Sondra Wolf!


richard: This is taxi1010 Scenarios! We're in an elegant restaurant just outside Berkeley, California ... Jessica, a Mojito and that wonderful tuna salad. jessica: Sure!


richard: Here's the latest ... my friend Doc was being pestered by a stock broker at dinnertime, so Doc said, "Give me a number and I'll call you at home." The broker said, "We can't do that." And Doc said, "Well, you're calling ME at home!"


jessica: That's hilarious. Here's your Mojito. Guys always want our number. richard: What do you say?


jessica: Many give 'em a fake ... I sometimes forget and give them the real one. richard: You're not a liar. So, what's your number?


jessica: Very common! Three, up to a point ... fourteen, fifteen, ninety-two ...


richard: Maybe I ought to get another Mojito ... Don't crush the ice! jessica: Sure! Sixty-five, thirty-five, eighty-nine, seventy-nine ...


richard: You are listening to taxi1010 Scenarios!

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