richard: This is taxi1010 Scenarios, I'm Richard Ames Hart. A small stick figure paces back and forth in the airport parking lot crying out, "Call some more cabs, asshole! The lot is empty."


amoret: He sounds very angry, like a little boy.


richard: Except he's older now, kind of a burnt biscuit — not so cute anymore — though the idea of treating him the way he should have been treated as a child might help move him through this phase. amoret: Whew! He's "Bad enough!"


richard: "Much worse!"


amoret: "THAT's useless."


richard: You can find more about labeling at taxi1010 Street Smarts. And taxi1010 stargate18 has much more about baiting, or should I say, not taking the bait.


amoret: When are you going to take me out to dinner, you great big wonderful lout?


richard: Scenarios is Handicap Enabling.


amoret: Hey! Turn on the lights!


richard: You are listening to taxi1010 Scenarios!

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