richard: I am Richard Ames Hart. amoret: And I am Amoret Phillips.


richard: This is taxi1010 Scenarios! A taxi driver savages the airport starter. Dozens of people watch in amazement as one of the drivers taunts the airport starter, "Call some more cabs, asshole! The lot is empty."


amoret: Isn't that an example of baiting?


richard: It's tricky, because it's a command followed by a pejorative label, and the command is the starter's ordinary duty! Just by doing his job, the starter accepts the insult! Or so it would seem.


amoret: The starter almost has to accept the bait. richard: The structure of "Call some more cabs, asshole!" creates quite a dilemma.


amoret: The starter could get fired, and the insulting taxi driver seems to get away with murder! It should be against the law!


richard: Such slights happen fast, and in such a public setting? A man with machismo would find himself trembling with rage. amoret: And in a woman, anxiety.


richard: You are listening to taxi1010 Scenarios!

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