Mind Candy


When people are baiting you, slip under their radar -

It's called, "dumbing down." - Let's put it this way ... They

can't shoot you down if you're not all puffed up to begin

with - Just act dumber and dumber, in sort of a friendly

way - Using subtle sarcasm, don't take the bait!

"After twenty-four years, does the sex go bad?"
Apparently not.
—[After a pause] What do you do when someone
insults you or tells you you're no good?


["Who, me?"] "Yeah, you white man!"
—Wide open!
—What's wrong with being strong?


—Who, me?
—Far worse!


"I'm embarrassed."
—It's chilling.
—I'm suspicious.


Both love and hate are inside people, and it's best to be

honest about that - Everyone's just as bad as everyone

else, and until we die, we have to take care of ourselves,

right? - Repulsive as that is.

"I'll take that as a compliment."
—I don't think it's bad or anything.


"Boy, you're a barrel of laughs today, David." [Not!]
—A natural.
—It'll get even worse, you'll see.


"Don't you think we're a little old for this?"
—Not forever.
—The bad people always do better.


"Older than dirt!"
—Very advanced.
—The people who try to be good always get into trouble.



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