jruit :: 39



Since I was a boy, reared in almost pure sexuality, raped and left for ruin, I've seen the invisible world as sort of a plaything. Yesterday, as I left one of the early showings of Ex Machina in Japan Center, a woman backed away from the crowd she was in and practically cradled herself in my trajectory. We were in a dance of sorts, electronically. Then this afternoon, at Bette's Oceanview Diner, a little girl backed into my field as I was leaving the restaurant, and traced her hand birdlike across the front of my trousers, not even grazing!

What I like far better is when I'm in a sushi restaurant, and one of the waitresses thrusts out her breasts and dances for me, in pass after pass, her throat pleasurably gurgling. I have no idea whether she's even married or not, because I'm not even sure there's a license for this sort of behavior. I know one woman who can align her body perfectly to give me a long and lingering view down the front of her blouse all the way to the nipple. Where I come from, this is nothing short of love. Then getting change from her, just the slightest brush across my open palm. A bird alights. I set it free.


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