jruit :: 38



There are some signs of an invisible world with force fields, electrical contacts and telepathy. You can easily see animals and creatures participating in it, and the more access a person has to all their own memories on top of cover-ups, over even more memories and dreams, the more easily they can partake of it. Within this everyday world there's no particular reason people can't be kind to each other.

You can see the great literature partaking of it, in its vivid descriptions of coincidence, great love, and traces of lives dwelling in it, even over time. Huckleberry Finn, Augie March, Jay Gatsby. You don't really get anything out of it, the way a mastermind tries to gain control of everything in pursuit of amassing great power over people and far too much monetary wealth. It's more a taste and an observation in its manifestations. Look at these letters and words and see how you're assembling them in your own mind, as a form of nourishment, a remnant of what's being written here, before being uplinked to the web, and see how we have access to direct thought, from one individual to another, written, as they say, in these electronic sands. Jalálu’ddin Rúmí was even more poetic. I can't even take you there. It's already yours.


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