jruit :: 30



(Dream) Janice and I find ourselves in a sex shop in San Francisco where she's buying two black leather tight-fitting trousers, the first of which may have a concealed bottomless feature, I'm not sure, because when she goes off to model it, I'm not in the same room. I do find her wearing the second pair, of a slightly different design, and simply gaze up at her outfit from somewhere down around her knees. It does cover her, though in a way that's somehow leaving nothing to the imagination, yet it is, after all, trousers, with a futuristic cut to them. There was something going on in the other room, I remember, with a whip, and I'm not so sure whips are for me. Or for her, for that matter. No. Maybe the contemplation of whips is as far as I'll take it. (Fin)


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