jruit :: 29



(Dream) I make my way down the chute I've always used to get to the shower and am surprised someone's moved in to the shower room. What am I going to do about that? I introduce myself and find out the girl's name is Miriam, or something like that, and after a few more commonplaces ask if it'll be all right if I continue taking my shower there. Some more people are moving into the complex around the corner, and I see some other girls pretty much ignoring me and probably themselves. Back to Miriam, I repeat my question: "Is it all right if I keep right on taking my shower here?" I ask. She mumbles. I mean, she really mumbles, and I make out something about make-up in her sentences. That's pretty much all I can understand, even leaning close and asking her to repeat herself. "It's important!" I say vigorously. "Can I take a shower here?" She looks at me with a startled expression on her face and finally says something clear and lucid. "Maybe next Tuesday." That's eight days off! "No way!" I say, (Fin) waking up, wondering how easy it'll be to kick her ass out of the apartment. After all, I tell myself ... I own the whole complex.


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