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Notes from a Spiritual School, 2344. Most of intelligence is in a person's inner child or baby. People who deny that part of themselves have difficulty reaching their real intelligence — until they crash or get drunk or regress.

2346. Learn how to like doing things imperfectly.

2348. You have your own life; try not to get sucked into living other people's life.

2357. If you go around pretending you're happy, it's like locking an unhappy kid in the closet.



Letter from Amoret, 1 September 1999. I had the strangest dream about a butterfly that was split right down the middle so he was 2 halves each one fully functional, he was sort of cartoon-looking, standing on legs upright and he was holding a pearl, also split right down the middle. Each half of the butterfly was holding one half of the pearl with his one hand he had. I've been trying to learn some commands in illustrator to accomplish drawing it.

Night before I dreamed I was trying to use crushed fish scales from a pearly white fish for painting with. I'm not really sure how to reproduce the same pearl color — of course pearls have several colors in them and they are shiny — gives me something to work on.


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