1. To please our moms, we're not having girlfriends.




2. To avoid our mothers' being jealous of our girlfriends, we're not having girlfriends.




3. We've closed the door to the room inside us that knows how to get a girlfriend.




4. Charlie and Jimmy were scared out of their wits and did terrible mean things out of that fear.




5. Unless we sabotage.




6. We are at just the certain moment doing something to sabotage.




7. Our unconscious internalization of our tricky mothers scares all women.




8. We can find a way to sabotage the saboteur.




9. When regressed, at the moments I'm not at my best, I am not like her.




10. People look to see if someone is like them.




11. People look at us now and see we are not like them.




12. The Bay Area is not exactly full of loving women.




13. We are projecting an unloving mother out onto the world.




14. It's more powerful than sexual attraction, intellectual interest, and emotional warmth.




15. Why aren't we going to dance clubs? Because if we did, we would be coming face-to-face with what we are trying to avoid.




16. To make that conscious.




17. Polishing the mirror.




18. You can perceive things about other people, but it's in your mirror, so you have to treat it as if it's in you.




19. Defiance and disdain are instantaneously projected from the corners of people's eyes.




20. There's nothing negative about making a delusion conscious.




21. To avoid being hit by the Sunni of infinity, we can walk away from any deal.




22. Sense genitals, breathe from the belly, and realize, "We are projecting an unloving mother out onto the world."




23. This projection has been sealed into the individual cells of our bodies by spankings, beatings, lies, and shocks.




24. Our unconscious projection is sealed away in the form of nothing.


25. It is embedded in our thoughts, decisions, muscular tensions, itches, and every feeling.




26. It is in our tones of voice, where we place our attention, our posture, and all our actions.