I'm going to take a job driving a school bus. I'm where the buses are all parked and there is a rather large dark garage. I'm being told what bus I'll be on and who I'll be riding with the first time. She will show me the route and teach me everything I need to know. Someone comes up to me and asks will I be working in the cafeteria also. No just driving a bus.


Next dream. Margaret Alexus, a woman my parents age hands a note to me from my dead mother. (She died of cancer 8 years ago) But this is a current note straight from the dead. There is an identical one for my sister Vera. It is expensive note paper in a thick cream colored envelope. The note paper is cream with a dark blue boarder. It has her initials engraved at the top. She's telling me that it is very important for me to go to the dermatologist once every seven weeks to be checked over for skin cancer. That I could do this on my way home from school.

I'm at the dermatologist's office and Sonya Di Dominico is there (my chiropractor) with her baby. Sonya is very thin and pretty. She is holding her baby who looks to be about 9 months old. The baby is standing on a table with outstretched arms up over her head and Sonya is holding her hands. Someone is telling me, I think it's Margaret, that I've got to research this thing out and find out which nurse at Dr. Courige's office is the best, because I'll get assigned a nurse the first visit and she will be the one always to be assigned to me, so it was important to find out who was the best one and be sure she got assigned to me." She is the one who will be treating everything." says Margaret." You mean like all the pimples on my butt?" I say


I'm in the waiting room at the Dermatologist's office looking at a National Geographic. Both the front and back covers have been torn off. It is clearly one I've never seen before. There is one page with a picture of an RV out in the desert. There are several baboons. One is on the back side of the RV coming out of the door and another one is on the back side staring at a chair tied to the outside. (Neither one of these baboon's are ones I can actually see, but I know they are there) another baboon is inside watching television. There is a tiger coming out the front door. I'm amazed that I've never seen this picture before. I've been getting National Geographic for a long time. I look down at the bottom right side of the page to see what the date of it is. It is a 1989 issue.


I was telling Chris about my dream this morning and he was amazed at the detail of my dream. He seemed especially astonished at my recalling the date of the issue. Tonight I was remembering that and went to find a National Geographic to see if the date really was written at the bottom of the page. I looked at the back of one and it was at the bottom, but centered not right aligned. As I flipped through it to see if it was on all pages I noticed that the dates on the other pages were right aligned and at the bottom of most pages. I too was amazed that I could get a detail like that so accurate, because if someone were to ask me about where the dates were on National Geographic magazines I don't know that I would have responded correctly as to their locations.