Amoret Phillips

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The Change has been going on for quite some time now and I'm not sure when it started. It's probably been going on since before I left the womb. But for some unknown reason people all of my life have been pointing me in this direction and now here I am telling you this. Just like people have been pointing you in this direction or that direction and right now our paths have crossed for just a minute. Some have lit up the way and some have tried to bury an ax in my brain, so to speak. Except for my book covers, I did sell them but not in the traditional sense, I've never sold any art, (in the traditional sense), that I can remember. But if my mother could come back from the grave she might say, " Don't your remember that year I offered you $50 if you would paint me a picture?" And I painted one and it was probably the one she said, no I don't want that one I don't like the face over there on the side. It's the one I spent $50 having framed and I remember the girl at the frame shop saying, "do you know the artist?" I figured it was her way of being nice. My parents used to ask for my paintings for Christmas, and I remember one time my dad saying, "Can't you paint any of the people so that they have clothes on?" He keeps my pictures back in his dressing room. I guess he thinks they might get some clothes on eventually. Or he doesn't want his friends to think he's a pornographer. And my brother got into it. He asked me to do a book cover for three of his books. I loved doing them and ever since then, and even way before that, I've been sporadically going back to my art. In one house I even set up an art room where I could leave my oil paints out over night or all week long, forever if I wanted to until I was ready to paint and clean brushes again. Then I remarried and had another baby. I couldn't very well leave my art out anywhere then. The house we lived in was small. My art just vanished for a while. Then my brother suggested I get a really great computer. No I don't think he did, I remember we both just got a hankering to spend a lot of money on the latest and greatest Mac we could buy. And then each of us with in a few month had a new Mac. He suggested I get Dreamweaver and I did. And then I'm not sure if he suggested it or not but he probably did, or just talked about it without suggesting it. But I got a whole package, a bundle it was called, of Adobe products and just started reading the manuals and making little pictures. Simple pictures like any 6 year old could do, like all my art but different somehow because it was on a computer. I didn't have to worry about cleaning up oil paints or putting away everything, just turn it off. And my baby, then, almost 4 was on the old Mac right beside me playing Put Put goes to the Moon and Pajama Sam and all those early software games we could find. We would spend hours together just playing on our computers. Things have been speeding up though ever since last February when my brother offered to be partners in taxi1010, Full partners, and all I had to do was make a few pictures. Richard does the text and layout. Now I've got over 90 pictures in our site. We update taxi1010 daily. The change in me, I'm not sure I can say what it is just yet. But I'm different. I'm sure I'd be different even without my art, but I love my art. My art is my tool for something wonderful. And it's hard to explain. It's like trying to explain child birth to a woman pregnant for the first time. You can't really explain it, but you know what it is. It's like that with my art. Something is really different now. It's taxi1010. It has changed me. It's by our working together we have created something greater than either of us alone could ever do. Every week one or two of our many visitors stays for an hour or more. Some people book mark us. Some people run away real fast, like they're afraid they might see something true. You might read taxi1010 and see it, digest it over time come back again. Maybe you'll be surprised and pleased at the changes you'll see.