Grab Every Scrap of Happiness You Can


Grab Every Scrap
of Happiness You Can

I like to explore my horizons. Did you know the distance to the horizon at sea is roughly half your height? If you're six feet tall, the horizon is three miles away. You can get technical: The distance to the horizon in miles is one and half times the height of the observer in feet, the square root of that. Something over the horizon is the sum of their distance from the horizon plus your distance from the horizon.

So the peak of a one hundred foot tall ocean liner is sqrt(1.5*100 feet) = 12.25 miles plus your distance from the horizon = sqrt(1.5*6 feet) = 3 miles for a total of 15.25 miles away.

Now the moon is roughly 238,857 miles away, the speed of light is a blinding 186,282 miles / second, so light from the moon takes 1.3 seconds to reach us.


The sun is 92,900,000 miles away, and light from the sun takes 499 seconds, or slightly more than 8 minutes, to reach us – In that time the 6.66 sextillion tons of the wobbling Earth-Moon pair careen 9,230 miles along their joint orbit around the sun, an arc of more than one Earth-length (7,926 miles) without that beam of light!

If things outside our bodies prove weirder than they seem, imagine things inside our squishy flesh.

Most individuals' early formations of mind were crystallized from shocks and events having to do with the height, breadth, and stature of our parents, teachers and caregivers. Sprung from genetic origins, we're lifted and ennobled by strivings for understanding, and whacked by accident!

Later everybody's out to hook up with someone, marry Mr. Right, or get ahead of other bobbing corks on the waters of the economy. You do get the idea we're in a shipwreck, don't you?



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