jruit :: 25



(Dream) There's a police roadblock on a slight incline, and rather than deal with it, I flip a bitch and start circling the mall. Except a woman races out and asks for a ride. I have nothing else to do, and when I find out where she's headed, I turn around again and head back for the roadblock. When I get there, I see all the cars have been cleared, though there's a low hanging chain still blocking the way. I wait there a moment until the same police officer arrives who had been holding up the works before. For some reason, the woman panics and leaps out of the car, and the police officer starts after her. I also leap out of the car and shout out, "You're a fool! You're a fool! She's sick!" I get back into my car and wait, knowing I'm in for it now. (Fin)

(Dream) The Marine Corps Field Unit is conducting some sort of evaluation test on all our team members, and when I get hold of the exam, roam to the far end of the table, where I settle down. As is my habit, I simply start reading the four possible multiple-choice test answers to see which ones I can simply cross out as being illogical. Tests are funny. You just keep crossing out possibilities until one answer remains, and you don't really have to know what the damn question's about to begin with. I get hung up a little on a series of answers that have to do with "fire water," and have to reread them again, which is difficult, because they seem to change with each reading. (Fin)


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