jruit :: 14



I was under general anesthesia just recently and now that I'm back, am determined to share with you its uncanny weirdness: It literally clips a piece from the ribbon of your timeline. One second you're listening to the instructions of the anesthesiologist, who's making sure you're calm "going under," the next instant the ribbon of your timeline has been spliced back into the land of the living and you're observing a member of the operating team whisking off your poncho, or whatever they call the operating theater plastic you'd seen them covering your calmly breathing corpse with. I mean, you might as well have been dead in the interim, and are truly lucky they brought you back at all! So here's the way I'm going to share this with you. On the last page you read about the little girl racing into the sea. That was written August 16th, 2014. And today, as I write this, the date is March 5th, 2015. You see? You were out a little over six and a half months!


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