jruit :: 11



It's always a surprise to find someone who's "your type" and of the "opposite polarity" (as Gurdjieff's biographers have asserted he said), and it's even more of a shock to discover such a Winid actually likes you.

When I threw way too much energy into Mai Chan's body (by running a seemingly endless stream of energy up the left side of my spine) she'd act as if it was a real thrill for a while, then when enough was enough, begin acting like she was really angry.

So for a few days I've been "playing dead." This afternoon, she intuitively grasped I was prepared to "play dead" forever, even if that meant it was all over between us, so just when I was prepared for that to be truly the case (for us to become simply friendsWinid be damned! – after all, she's married!), she sat in the passenger seat of her truck, opened her black coat just enough to capture my attention, aimed her knees at me and parted her legs. Then, as all interested females are prepared to do, averted her gaze slightly and allowed me to pretend I had "pussy X-ray vision," which sent my libido over the top. I couldn't help myself.

Continuing to gaze between her partially spread thighs at exactly the spot I intend to "accidentally" brush against, touch, or forcefully grab hold of at the right wrong time (I'm not sure any of which!), I felt a stream of energy involuntarily running up the left side of my spine, from my re-ignited world, its inner core coaxed (with some embarrassment on my part!) out of "playing dead."

Feeling the stream of energy once more shooting up from my spine (creating a jruit force field!) over into her reciprocally receptive body once again, she simply gave me a happy grin.

Then she gave a coy twist of her body so as to bring her knees together as she simultaneously rotated her lanyard-slung pocketbook over her lap, to create a subtle flower of modesty.

Still ... I did have my hard-on, and she did have her grin!


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