jruit :: 8



I wonder at what age a two-year-old boy who's being regularly butt-fucked by a "trusted caretaker" becomes a full-blown child molester? It's probably occurred & wired-in to some extent, certainly by the age of three, don't you think? Time to send the toddler ... Oh! ... another one of the "sexually enravished" ... to a Federal Penitentiary.

I remember the first time I saw a naked girl and realized there really was a God. Now here she is, with her miniature fanny right up front and all, acting all coy about the whole thing. Maybe God is a little girl locked inside a closet. That I could believe. Yesterday a little girl started practicing on me at the commons down on Fourth Street, repeatedly lining herself up to afford the best view down the front of her shirt at what was beginning to happen there, with her mother, father & brother standing around in a loose cluster conspiculously ignoring the Jruit Force Field, maybe as coconspirators, or more likely, the oblivious ones. Jruit works in mysterious ways.

The neighbor Muslim girls used to sneak into my back yard and hang their underpants on the iron grating outside my bedroom window.

Eventually their mother made them stop, so there's that.


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