FuBuTuBe • chapter 1




Okay, you people are out there, the most recent visitors today, from (1.) Elkhart, Indiana USA; (2.) Tunapuna, Saint George Trinidad and Tobago; (3.) Brunswick, Niedersachsen Germany; (4.) Provo, Utah USA; (5.) Cross, Eilean Siar United Kingdom; (6.) Islamabad, Pakistan, (7.) Breaux Bridge, Louisiana USA.





(Dream) The car is on its side, with blown-out windows and doors, and my dogs are running all around the wreck, out in the forest. Let's see. If they stand at just the right spot, and leap into the car, just as it's righting itself, we'll be on board! (Fin)

(Dream) We're having to make-do with just what's around us. (Half waking, I know I've had this dream before.) I look around and see some redwood trees, and other sticks from the forest. What better way to make antiques! Aren't all antiques made from pieces of wood? (Fin)





I wrote my sister, "Amoret, I've figured out a formula for one, if not all, our FuBuTuBe videos. The first one opens with a lion pouncing on a zebra, or something like that, then there are a series of verbal attacks (of a certain nature), end of part one! Then at the beginning of part 2, we're introduced to the title of this particular video, which is 'Just vicious!' and part one is shown again, end of part 2. Then as the play is run one more time, in part 3, bonus ideas, and other things to say, are added, end of part 3. Part 4 is a bonus trailer, with something truly remarkable added, end of video. That's the formula! Other ones would be entitled, 'Whatever's fair,' (and so forth,) again, with the title introduced at the end of part 1, with richer and richer content added with each replay, in parts 2 and 3, with part 4 always being a 'bonus!'"

And she wrote back, "Okay lions zebras and bonuses. Sounds good to me!"



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