Lots of Stars!
The Manifesto

1. People think they know the sky, yet they hardly even know there are eighty-eight constellations in the night sky.

2. People think they know themselves and other people, yet taxi1010 shows them eighty-eight distinct categories of verbal assault.

3. If a person is not constrained by verbal abuse, or by memories of verbal abuse which they keep in their muscular tensions and memories, their most real sensations of themselves would reach out into their fingers and toes — To their deepest mind, those outermost sensations would seem like tickles of tiny stars.

4. Their breath and spine would become as the tides, their head would become the sun, their genitals (and ass) the moon.

5. Down at the bottom of each stargate at taxi1010.com is the blue and white block print of the flying boy.

6. I'm thinking we can replace that blockprint with a specific table, unique to each stargate.

7. It will have (a.) text, followed by (b.) an image of stars (that you create), followed by (c.) text.

8. The fist line of text (a.) will always link to http://www.taxi1010.com/mirror/openme.htm.

9. The image itself (b.) will link to another stargate in the exact order that the pages in It's a Trade Secret jump around from one page to another in the book.

10. The last line of text (c.) will always link to http://www.taxi1010.com/resource/Prumbing.htm.

11. Ordinarily, when the constellations are depicted in books, lines are drawn (connecting stars) to depict some idea of a picture.

12. However, when a person really goes outside and looks at the stars, all they see are a mass of stars.

13. I am thinking we could depict each constellation as a unique (and perhaps recognizable) cluster of stars, period! With no lines or pictures or anything. Just the stars. No more stars than are in the constellation itself, and no fewer. That is, if a star appears "on a connecting line" of a traditional depiction of a constellation, it would be included in our depiction. If a star does not appear "on a connecting line," it would not be included.

14. I just went to a copy shop and spent about nine dollars making copies of star maps which I will be sending to you tomorrow.

15. Tonight I will be entering the names of the constellations themselves in alphabetic order. Those constellations will be assigned on a one-to-one basis with the stargates of taxi1010.com. That is, Andromeda to stargate01, Antlia to stargate02, ... Vulcan to stargate87, and Vupecula to stargate88.

16. Many of the constellations just have three stars, so that's all that would be in the image!

17. The constellations all have meanings, such as "Chained maiden," "Air pump," for 01 and 02; "Flying fish" and "Small fox" for 87 and 88. I think it's interesting just to mention that meaning in the text without elaborating on it at all! That is, without even attempting to "draw or create" any of those ... add-ons. Just the stars!

18. The first line of text (a.) will be something like, LXXXV111. Vulcan "Small fox"

19. The image (b.) will be the stars themselves on a black or very dark violet backdrop.

20. The last line of text (c.) will contain exactly one "bridge" from the taxi1010.com stargate "toolset," such as, "—Everything else."

21. Here is sample text for stargate88.htm:

"Little fox"

—You're kidding!

22. In the example above, the blockprint of the flying boy would be replaced with the star cluster you create for each particular constellation; in this case, Vulcan.

23, This particular example would appear in stargate88.htm only.

24. It is exactly 400 pixels wide. That's how much room you will get side-to-side (tentatively).

25. We want to take this a step at a time. You'll be getting the starmaps I'm mailing tomorrow within a few days.

26. You may not be interested in this project, which is all right, too. <=== Let me know if you are or are not interested!

27. Here is sample text for stargate01.htm (with a slightly different background color):

"Chained maiden"

—Totally different.

28. When you create an image to replace the blockprint of the flying boy, that image will simply be stars on either a black, dark violet, or transparent background. We want consistency across all eighty-eight images! (I think)

29. If you have ideas to modify all this, let's discuss them! (Provided you are interested in the project; see (26.) above)

30. That's it for now!

31. Personally, I prefer the solid black background, with the blue border around the outer box.

32. Some constellations occupy very little space, whereas others stretch almost across the whole sky. In our depictions, they will each be "scaled to fit the box," don't you think? As if each is a separate work of art.

33. Your images will contain absolutely no text; just the stars! (with different sizes, different "starshapes," different brightnesses, or even different colors!)

34. This is really it for now!

35. Initially, I will create eighty-eight images, named gate01.jpg through gate88.jpg, and all within the subdirectory http://www.taxi1010.com/star/

36. Initially, each of these images will simply be a copy of the blockprint of the flying boy.

37. Then as we go along, you would be replacing those "default images" with the real constellations (named gate01 through gate88). That way, your image would immediately "go live" on taxi1010.com!

38. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

39. Boop!

40. On the other hand, maybe it would be best to show the constellations "to scale," at times extending the size of the box to encompass particularly large ones! Yes. I think that's a good idea. Show small ones small, large ones large, always "to scale," or pretty much so. Then a small one would literally be three to five stars, sort of close together.

41. It does not matter at all the order in which you make them!

42. Zeet!